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It’s time to face the difficult truth. Today’s leaders have not taken the necessary action to slow, let alone reverse, global warming – it is happening now and we are only beginning to feel the impact on our daily lives. 

The world is undergoing the most drastic climate changes and sea-level rises to date, which will cause severe economicpolitical, and societal disruption in unprecedented ways.   Current and future leaders are not prepared to make decisions, reform policy, and reshape our world when the time comes.   

SCOPE: Young global citizens do not comprehend the scope of the challenge ahead and become disenfranchised by the sheer weight of the problem 

INTENT: World leaders have not shown genuine intent to reform policies and address ongoing global warming 

PREPARE: Existing leadership development programs are focused on leading in the current circumstance. They do not prepare leaders for the upcoming drastic changes, post +2ºC  

GLOBAL: Regional leadership programs lack the global perspective needed to address large scale global issues   

The Global Leadership Forum is responding to the need of companies and organizations to develop their next generation leaders and to successfully address complex global issues with local action plans. The 6-day forum held in Ottawa  will bring together young innovative leaders from around the world to engage with Canadian and Indigenous leaders in a modern, hands-on, engagement-rich forum.


We are seeking 40 youngimpact-driven, and demonstrated global leaders with an interest in the future of leadership, a desire for change and concern about global warming.

There are no educational background requirements. We seek participants who  have demonstrated leadership abilities, and interests in social development. 

A desire to make a difference is the key driver. 

We welcome participants from all countries and backgrounds who are environmentally-conscious leaders. Diversity is our strength. 

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The Forum is an engaging and productive retreat that delivers an exceptional leadership framework.

Our EmpowerExperienceExplore, and Enjoy philosophy provides you with a unique experience and interweaves education with an exploration of Canada’s capital and exposure to global perspectives. 

Our interactive educational programs are community-based and customized with the goal of providing young professionals with the motivation, tools, and resources to grow into the leaders of the future. We believe that we have a responsibility to bring our expertise in delivering world-class leadership development to a broader audience globally while preparing young leaders for an uncertain future. 

Participants will leave with …  

  • Increased confidence in their leadership capability and appreciation of the urgency of addressing the imminent +2º C world. 
  • The ability to apply expertise, tools, and strategies gained from the Forum to address real problems. 
  • The development of a global mindset that comes from sharing the different realities, perspectives and experiences of participants from around the world.  
  • The motivation to take action by working with a group of like-minded people on articulated goals and strategies that are transferable to local issues.  
  • Documented knowledge and experience in the form of shared participant blogs or other writings.  


Manu Sharma

VP & Director, Mindtrust Leadership

Claude Haw

President Mindtrust Leadership

Naomi Morisawa

Secretary & Director Mindtrust Leadership

Len Fardella


Mike Nimmo


Tara Matar

Committee Member

Mindtrust Leadership Story

Mindtrust helps leaders grow by creating opportunities to learn together, share experiences and build life-long relationships. The Leadership Development Program was launched in 2005 in partnership with the Sprott School of Business at Carleton University and the Telfer School of Management at University of Ottawa for 60 fourth-year students. Algonquin College joined the program in 2015 increasing the number of participants to 80 each year. This program has been running each winter term for the past 15 years with more than 900 alumni. Our mission is to advance leadership excellence by creating opportunities to learn together, share experiences and build lifelong relationships. 

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