Reverse Climate Change


Reverse Climate Change

A few months ago while scrolling for new audiobooks and podcasts to listen to, I stumbled upon a podcast called Reverse Climate Change. The podcast is dedicated to shedding light on innovators and entrepreneurs developing solutions to climate change, specifically atmospheric carbon dioxide removal. It has a collection of episodes recorded by a company called Nori. I was curious to know what Nori does so I did some research around their mission – Nori is a carbon dioxide removal marketplace enabling carbon removal suppliers to directly connect with individuals interested in paying to remove excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Pretty cool stuff! Now I enjoy listening to their Reverse Climate Change podcast on the go while commuting to work, taking a stroll around the neighborhood etc.

If you are interested to learn about some cool climate change initiatives and gain some inspiration around this topic, I encourage you to go ahead and check out the Reverse Climate Change Podcast by Nori. Find some time out of your busy day to hear from some inspiring individuals out there fighting to make an impact in climate change.

You can find it on Spotify, Google Play, iTunes or directly on Nori’s website.

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