Why Do We Need a Global Leadership Forum?


Why Do We Need a Global Leadership Forum?

During a strategic planning offsite session to discuss potential new programs at Mindtrust, the team at Mindtrust agreed that we were ready to launch a truly global initiative. Out of that kernel of an idea, the Mindtrust Global Leadership Forum was born. This annual gathering of young leaders from around the world would be invited to come to Canada to meet with like-minded leaders here to discuss and prepare responses to address a major global problem.

Although initially we hoped to offer this new Forum in 2019, there was simply too much to get done with too little time and we now have a plan for a significant launch event in June 2020. The theme for the inaugural Forum is “Leadership in the +2 degrees C World” and we look forward to a meaningful discussion and development of an action plan for this critical issue for the planet. 

As background, Mindtrust was founded in 2001 to provide leadership development and networking opportunities in the National Capital Region (NCR). In 2005, the Mindtrust Leadership Development Program (MLDP) was launched for young leaders in partnership with Carleton University and University of Ottawa. To date, more than 900 young leaders have participated in this program with the alumni now spread around the globe as they either returned to their home country following their studies in Ottawa or local graduates have gone forth to make their mark in many countries around the world. 

The Forum will bring together the practical leadership learnings, like MLDP, but will also make time to work collectively to identify issues and propose solutions to address the thorny issues related to global warming and climate change. Of course, there will also be plenty of opportunities to explore the NCR while networking with the other participants. We also are engaging with the indigenous communities in Canada, and hopefully elsewhere as well, to bring their unique perspectives to the Forum. 

At Mindtrust, we are blessed to have a very strong and dedicated group of people, mostly MLDP alumni, driving the Forum – program, speakers, logistics, marketing etc. It is my pleasure to be part of the team.   

Claude Haw is Co-founder and President of Mindtrust Inc. which has been providing education and support for Leaders since 2001. Claude is passionate about developing and supporting young leaders to prepare them for the global changes while encouraging to help those around them reach their full potential. 

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